Survey On Sentiment Analysis And Opinion Mining

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A Survey on Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining

Abstract- This survey reviews the recent progress in the field of sentiment analysis with the focus on available datasets and sentiment analysis techniques. Since many exhaustive surveys on sentiment analysis of text input are available, this survey briefly summarizes text analysis techniques and focuses on the analysis of audio, video and multimodal input. This survey also describes different available datasets. In most of the work datasets are prepared as per specific research requirements. This survey also discusses methods used to prepare such datasets. This survey will be helpful for beginners to obtain an overview of available datasets, methods to prepare datasets sentiment analysis techniques, and challenges in this area.

Key words- Sentiment Analysis, Opinion Mining, Multimodal Sentiment Analysis, datasets


Opinions always play an important role in decision making. Businesses seek consumer opinions about their products and services to improvise them, consumers seek opinions of other consumers to get the best deal. Governors and policy makers of the country also need to consider opinions of the masses before making some decisions. Emergence of social networking sites, blogs, forums, e-commerce websites have provided internet users with a platform where they can express their opinions. Thus a huge source of opinions, views, and sentiments has been created and is being updated every day. The…
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