Survey Questions On Starbucks Corporation

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Name: Shanice Forbes and Sharifa Small
Fair Trade: Starbucks Corporation
Survey Questions
The survey questions mostly consisted of multiple choice questions, two open-ended questions, allowing written responses, and one qualitative response question. These questions were chosen to establish consumers differences and comparative perspective of Starbuck’s competitors, their daily usage of the social media platforms, the coffee shops visited frequently, and their opinions on consumers who frequent Starbucks. The survey contains one matrix/rating scale question ( Appendix I, Question 5) based on how important qualities are when choosing a coffee shop. Lastly, there were two demographic questions. The demographic questions are for a general understanding on consumers behavior based on age group and gender. For an overview of the survey, see appendix I.
Survey Development The purpose of the survey entitled “Starbucks Corporation Survey” was to determine if the recent Starbucks Public Relations campaigns have been effective at reaching consumers (See appendix I, Question 6 for complete list of campaigns options), to learn more about consumers buying behaviors towards Starbucks compared to it competitors, and the characteristics of consumers loyalty. The survey was created through Survey Monkey by the researchers who conducted the study. Survey Monkey provided their answer style as a guideline for the research. An example of this would be the matrix/rating scale
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