Survey Response Essay

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The findings of the survey responses can relate back to the literature review on how my data has shown that male drivers tend to get stopped more frequently that female drivers, just like other research that has been done. Police just consider males to be more suspicious than females from what many studies have shown. As well has non-whites and younger drivers are more likely to be stopped by police. Back to literature reviewed, many research that has been done have shown Blacks or any other non-white race would most likely be targeted by police. With age, police officers tend to suspect young drivers of crimes such as underage drinking, or drug related crimes. With the data collected of such a small, yet decent amount of respondents, sample has shown what much other research has shown about the relationship between gender, age, and race that do play a significant role in who the police decide to stop.…show more content…
The results, not just the results from my survey, have shown that police target young males that are non-white often. After all, pretext stops consist of police stopping a certain group of people because police find them suspicious. Those types of stops are unfair, but still happen often. With the case of Whren v. United States, the police had probable cause to stop Whren for committing a traffic violation. Pretextual evidence was argued during court, but it was still no excuse, so the police officer had the right to stop him. There is no stopping the police to commit pretext stops, especially when they have a “reason” to stop them. More studies can be done to show that drivers of certain races or ages feel that a pretext stop was done on them. It is a never ending cycle of having people complain of the way police treat citizens of a certain race, age and even
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