Survey of a school counselor

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Final Project Part 1
Survey of a School Counselor and Reflection
Lamar University

As I read my first assignment for new students in the School Counseling Program, my reasoning to be a school counselor was simple; to help others. I noted that I wanted to help others in two manners. One, I wanted to help students toward an achievable goal, including graduation. Two, I wanted to help with discipline. This included helping teachers with classroom management as well as helping students to understand the reasoning behind rules and procedures. Because I am so comfortable and familiar with the high school age group, I gave the school counseling
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(Please rank order with one being the most important) _5__ assessment and testing _11__ assisting the new teacher 10___ career counseling __2_ counseling at-risk students _8__ group counseling 1___ individual counseling _4__ parent conferencing _3__scheduling __6_ teacher conferences __9_ ARD meetings & referrals _7__ 504 meetings & referrals ___ other

14. Comments: Please describe non-guidance and counseling activities which take up a great deal of your time.
Our Top duties include: Individual Academic Student Advising and counseling, Parent support, Staff support, schedule management and standardized test coordination

15. Add any other comments you wish to make.
I have worked at the elementary and junior high school level, the time spent in each area varies greatly. Good luck and let me know if you need anything else. _________________________________________________________________

I greatly appreciate your help!


School Counselor Survey
Conducted by School Counselor Students at Lamar University
Fall Semester 2013

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