Survival In Auschwitz By Primo Levi And Defying Hitler

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During Adolf Hitler’s reign as chancellor and leader of the Nazi party, numerous people suffered daily and struggled to survive under the strict regulations and vigilant watch of the Nazi forces. From the concentration camps to the streets of Germany, constant loss and grief seemed to prevail. Both prisoner and common man must fight and confront their hurdles or risk losing it all. Survival in Auschwitz by Primo Levi and Defying Hitler by Sebastian Haffner expose the hardships and stories of the two men during the rise and control of the Nazi party. Levi, an Italian Jew and chemist, was deported to Auschwitz and was forced into the working life of a prisoner. Haffner, an Aryan journalist and law student, lived in Berlin and became engulfed in the manifestation of Nazism. Regardless of different backgrounds and circumstances, both men felt the weight of the nightmare they lived and were confronted with similar obstacles such as a drastic shift in lifestyle, the battle of willpower, and loss of identity through personal ethics. Both men defied odds and lived to tell their tales. As Hitler rose to power, no one could have predicted the amplitude of changes society would face. For both Levi and Haffner, this meant modifications of lifestyle in aspects that were before insignificant or nonexistent. “I have learnt that I am Häftling. My number is 174517; we have been baptized, we will carry the tattoo on our left arm until we die” (Levi 27). Each person entering Auschwitz is

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