Survival In Auschwitz by Primo Levi

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There moments when people just look back in time how situation drastically changed to modern time. But it wouldn’t have become a lesson if no one looked at the issues people had affected society to present and future. According to the well known book in 20th century written by Primo Levi, Survival In Auschwitz, he explained about the time of his experience as a young 24 year old man being placed in German camp since he was considered as “Italian citizen and Jewish raced”. During the holocaust, it is one of the most horrible case of position to be part of because it is a matter of fact that there are unfair controversy based on race, and how people were severely treated. There is a point when people experiences the suffocation, but towards…show more content…
They were placed to work in camp. If they refuse to do what the Germans tell them to do, they’ll just kill them. Many Jews died by murder, starvation, or living with diseases living in camps. He survived in camps for 10 months, and was known as greatest author and a survivor, throughout his life experiences.
For all what Levi had gone through must be the scariest experience. It started off from Levi’s life how he was pursuing his career as a Chemist, then all of the sudden, Germans just had to take over Italy and capture many Jews as possible to either send them to camps or get rid of their life. It is unbelievable to think about before time of Holocaust, Germans and all only do is just kill people, force them to do things they really don’t deserve to do like working in factories. It is also unbelievable that Germans who are in charge of looking after the Jews, they treat them like animals, not human being. Hardly any food for them to eat, forced them to work, everyone looked the same by having their heads shaved and getting their arms tattooed with code numbers. Just reading through Levi’s partial life experience living in Auschwitz, is just incredible how he manages to remember the worst times he had seen and done. The greatest and worst times will always be glued into a human’s brain. It’s amazing how he’s able to tell a story to tell by just writing what he remembered from experience into a
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