Essay on Survival- Original Writing

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Survival- Original Writing

The sweltering jungle felt like a death trap; it was infested with venomous species of plants and animals. The humidity was intolerable. All I had was a small bottle of water, and a tiny, partly eaten, bar of chocolate. I had lost my main supply in the trees earlier, when I missed my landing target. I didn’t feel secure; yet I had no choice to continue. It was life or death for now, it was survival. I was mentally ill equipped for this alien world. I became more aware of strains and sores. I felt as if my rucksack was gradually beginning to eat away at my arms as if it was a highly potent acid and as if my feet were tightly compacted into my boots. Every step I took, I
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I thought if I continued on the bearing 247° for 27 kilometres I would arrive at the Mekong River, where I could continue to a clearing where I would be taken by helicopter back to ‘our’ side of Vietnam, there I could rest and enjoy life. However I only had two days until the helicopter would rendez-vous, so I had to keep a steady pace.

By now hunger had hit me. Ahead of me lay a dark swamp area; there was a disconcerting stench of rotting vegetation. To get past this I needed to take off my boots since they would slow me down. As I was unlacing my bulky black boots I heard a shout, I dived flat to the ground. I peered through a small gap in the thick bamboo and saw two Vietnamese children playing blissfully with a ball; they had weathered dark skin and long greasy hair. To think that such contentment could be created from such a small notion, at a time like this. I could not speak to them because they might alert some local militia. Not long ago I was bombing their homes and villages.

Instead I continued through the swamp. The stagnant water looked malevolent. I slowly stepped into the swamp. The water was tepid. My toes touched some slush at the bottom but I simply took another step into the cloudy mixture. The fluid slowly began to rise up and saturate my trousers, but at least I would leave no scent for tracker dogs to pick me up.

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