Essay on Survival Situations and Groups

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The definition of survival is simply, the fact of remaining alive or in existence, especially after facing life-threatening danger. Whether it’s a short or long term survival; effort, great thought and preparation must be put in place for it to be successful. Likewise deciding to remain alone or join forces with an assemblage is an essential decision that must be made. Many movies and books portray the lone wolf braving the situation unaccompanied and valiant. Although this scenario may seem very idealistic, the reality is that going at it alone is perilous and the possibilities are certainly not in favor of the lone wolf. Furthermore most military establishments employ a group formation when going on missions where survival is of the essence. For example Army Special forces deploy twelve man detachments demonstrating the concept of group survival. Given these points survival circumstances should be approached as a group because it provides camaraderie, a division in work efforts and protection or group security.
Camaraderie is a beneficial and necessary part of the survival tactic. It offers the benefits of a support group, mutual trust and friendship. A support group is valuable in survival situations. Specifically it offers survivalists much needed encouragement and often times can relate to what everyone is going through and keep groups from feeling alone. According to psychologist Abraham Maslow” all human beings need to feel as if they belong and are safe.” Equally…