Survival : The Driving Force Of Man In Night By Elie Wiesel

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Survival: The Driving Force of Man Survival is the driving force of life. Every living thing has a motive to survive and thrive in its environment. Survival is unique, because survival is unique it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what it requires. However, there are things that are seen over and over in situations where survival is threatened. The memoir Night by Elie Wiesel, including other texts and videos requires different things ignoring temptations, a strong sense of willpower and change. Temptation can lead to the downfall of many things. A rabbit may be lured into a trap with the temptation of food, and this leads to its demise. In the memoir Night by Elie Wiesel the text states, “A piece [of bread] fell into our wagon. I decided not to move. Anyway, I knew that I would not be strong enough to fight off dozens of violent men” (Wiesel 101). Even though Elie was starving he still ignored the urge, unlike the others to get the bread because he knew he would be been beaten to death. Temptations are very dangerous when survival is threatened for example in Night, “The snow seemed to me like a very soft, very warm carpet. I fell asleep…”It's dangerous to fall asleep in the snow. One falls asleep forever. Come my son come… Get up.” Get up? How could I? How was I to leave this warm blanket?... I got up with clenched teeth…It was not easy” (Wiesel 88). Elie was tempted to fall asleep in the snow and if he did and did not get up, he would've died there. DATA 3…

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