Survival of the Marine Corps Essay

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SURVIVAL OF THE MARINE CORPS The Marine Corps historical characteristics after the Civil War could be based in part on survivability and the need for the Marine Corps to prove its worth to the United States as a Military Force. The Marine Corps part in the Civil War had been small and not altogether impressive. Both the Army and the Navy did not regard the Marine Corps as useful. This paper will in effect touch on the Marine Corps history from after the Civil War to World War I. It will then converge on a discussion with regards to the fight against the disestablishment of the Marine Corps. (Simmons/Moskin 1998) The Marine Corps found its mission in the amphibious landings of several countries “to protect American lives and…show more content…
Doyen. They were joined by the 6th regiment and in March of 1918 were subsequently fed into the fighting front near Verdun, now a quiet bit of the front. (Simmons/Moskin 1998) This set the scene for one of the most famous Marine battles of WWI. The German Offensive was too much for the tired French Divisions and only thing between the Germans and the road to Paris was the Fourth Marine Brigade (made up of the fifth and sixth regiments) and the 2nd Infantry Division. It was also the sight for one of the most famous quotes in Marine Corps History. (Simmons/Moskin 1998) The 2d Battalion, 5th Marines had just arrived at its position when an automobile skidded to a stop and a French officer dashed out and approached the commanding officer. He explained that a general retreat was in progress and that orders were for the Marines to withdraw. The Marine officer, Captain Lloyd Williams exclaimed in amazement, "Retreat Hell! We just got here!" (Website For Young Marines, Online) Soon after the Germans learned a lesson in marksmanship they would not forget. A line was formed across the road to Paris along a wooded area known as Belleau Woods. As the Germans approached, they came under rifle fire that was accurate at ranges beyond their comprehension, up to 800 yards. The deadly fire took the heart out of the German troops, and the

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