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College Composition can be difficult for some people, and a little nerve racking. Whether this is your first semester in college, and maybe the first college class you have ever taken or you are a second semester student that put off the course for your own reasons. Writing essays almost every week can be stressful, and discouraging, especially for someone whose strong suit is not writing. Maybe you are afraid to show up late to class, having people hear your growling stomach, making friends, forgetting your books, turning your paper in on time or all of the above. So, if you are one of these people who needs a little guidance on how to survive college composition there are steps to make your college composition experience stress free and a little more entertaining.
First, go get yourself some lunch and take your time doing so; you can’t learn on an empty stomach. Make sure you order more food than you can eat so you can have leftovers for later. When you walk into class “be really late”, and as “noisy as possible” (Jason Nguyen.) Disrupt your professor, maybe throw a small smart aleck wave her way as you sit down. Loudly throw your backpack on the ground and put your feet up on the desk, make sure you’re comfortable. Start talking to your class mates around
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That way you can goof off and have more time with friends rather than focusing on school. So, after zoning out for a while, and realize your professor is telling you to turn in your short response. Pull yours out of your backpack harshly, making it crumble up a little. Professors love it when their papers do not lay flat on their desk and do not look professional, it gives your paper its only personality and it also shows a good impression on yourself as well. Toss your short response to the person next to you so they can peer review it, and then don’t make eye contact with them so you do not have to peer review
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