Surviving And Escaping From An Urban Area

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Surviving in and Escaping From an Urban Area
A previous article covered the fact that most people will not be able to bug-out during a crisis. Some will be able to, of course, the ones that have a vehicle hidden somewhere, have supplies cached out of town, and can literally get the jump on everyone else.
To safely get clear of a heavily populated area during a crisis means you have to be one of the first on the roads, provided they are not damaged due to the crisis. Otherwise, you and possibly hundreds of thousands of others will be trying to evacuate by vehicle creating gridlock. The last place you want to be is trapped in a vehicle on an elevated highway, in a tunnel, or on a bridge during a catastrophe with a car load of supplies that you can 't carry if you have to abandon your vehicle.
The fact that you cannot bug-out of the city does not mean you can necessarily stay in your current home, however. If you live on the upper floors of any building you are at greater risk, this is particularly true when the grid fails. You may very well have to relocate within the city during a grid down scenario, during a catastrophic natural disaster, or during an attack on the city.
Others may flee the area, and this frankly, is the best case scenario for those that stay. It means less competition for resources.
If you do have to leave and it is on foot there are a few ways to do so. However, planning is crucial, so right now you should know where the freight yards are. Trains need…
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