Surviving The Apocalypse

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Surviving the Apocalypse An infection has spread and the apocalypse has begun. Society has started to fall apart, laws no longer apply, and zombies have overrun the land. Most of those who have managed to avoid being tainted by the virus thus far will, unfortunately, fail to survive until the end of the apocalypse. Many people are unprepared for the dangers of the devastation and lack the knowledge of what resources are necessary for surviving the apocalypse. This guide will help those seeking survival to understand and appreciate equipment that they should collect during the apocalypse. Arming one’s self with the ideal weapons for fending off the undead and finding the right food supplies to sustain a fighting spirit are two necessities that will determine how far one would be able to last during the apocalypse. An important reminder to the reader is that this guide takes into account the kind of equipment a survivor would realistically come across. The first step a survivor needs to take is to arm themselves to have a fighting chance. Almost anything sturdy can be used as a weapon. While hunting for the best weapons, a survivor can find a temporary weapon, in almost any situation, to at least be able to defend themselves against an unexpected zombie. The ideal weapons for a survivor would be a machete, a baseball bat, a hand axe, and a handgun. One thing that all of these weapons have in common is that they are quite easily accessible. However, there are still quite a…

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