Survivor : My Experience In My College Experience

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The month after graduating from high school I watched six seasons of the CBS show “Survivor”. When my dad insisted I socialize with my friends, I invited them over and we all watched “Survivor” together. I was obsessed. Winning the game involves a certain finesse that changed from season to season, yet the key elements remained consistent. This show offered a new perspective on how to approach and adapt to challenges. At the beginning of a “Survivor” season, all the contestants are dropped into an unknown environment. This is how I felt when I started my undergraduate experience. I came in unaware of my surroundings, plopped in a state I had only spent about a week in before starting college. I wanted to go away to college, but when I got there, I knew no one and was alone. Picking a college 600 miles from my lifelong hometown quickly started to feel like a mistake. My only goal during my first semester was surviving. I had to make friends, do my own laundry and manage my time without supervision. The initial culture shock I felt dissipated and eventually disappeared with the passing semesters. My sophomore and junior years were aimed at finding and focusing my academic passions. Apparently, the average college student changes majors two times. I boosted this average by changing four times within those two years. I went from open option to psychology to child, adult, and family services to women studies, back to psychology, which finally stuck. I also ultimately

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