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Chapter 02 - Competing with Information Technology
RWC 1: How to Win Friends and Influence Business People
Case Study Questions
1. By changing the way his group talks about IT investments, CIO Tim Schaefer is trying to change the way the rest of the company sees IT. Why do you think this is necessary? What would be the prevailing mindset about IT in his company, such that he needs to do something about it? Provide some examples of how IT may be regarded in this organization.

It's important for IT to speak and understand the language or languages of the businesses they support. In Northwestern Mutual Life's case, the business speaks in the language of investments, returns, and risk. Using a
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I think the difference between IT investment and investments in other areas of a company is that IT investment is on a short term basis due to constant change in technology whereas investment in other areas may be in a long run.
Management difficulty
IT projects are difficult and the terms "implementation" and "impact" cover all project lifecycle aspects except maintenance. IT implementations pose their own special challenges because they frequently involve new and unproven technologies. IT impact also poses significant challenges because they may require both cultural and personal changes. Such changes aren't easy. For example, millions of people complain vociferously every time Facebook™ changes its user interface. Changing communications flows, job requirements, and reward systems invoke even stronger reactions. It's this human element that makes managing impact so challenging.

The main difference between the impact of a significant IT project and building a new manufacturing plant, for example, is that management isn't demanding people change their behavior when they build a new plant. Sure, they may be dealing with new tools and manufacturing processes, but with a major new IT system, job descriptions, communications, authority, and compensation models may all change. In short, IT projects are more likely to "move the cheese" for people who have devoted ten or twenty years toward achieving what they thought had been a fixed goal. Unlike the 70's
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