Survivors Of Childhood Sexual Abuse

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Sexual abuse victims often have a difficult time overcoming the trauma. Victims struggle overcoming the trauma and heightening their self-worth. In individual therapy, clients often like to live in the past which makes it difficult to learn how to cope in the here and now. Survivors, unless they 've had therapy, often do not connect their present ways of coping and affective states with their experience of childhood sexual abuse. For many clients, shame, anxiety, depression, and concerns about sexual issues may be repressed most of the time, while for others, they may experience pain associated with these issues continually every day for their entire lives. Survivors of abuse may find it challenging to cope with the intense, often negative feelings that can plague them long after the abuse has ended, and their ability to find peace and happiness in life may be affected. Group treatment for survivors is usually an important step in the healing process and has been found to be particularly helpful with this population. Group therapy has demonstrated effectiveness in providing social support to help survivors of abuse cope with and transform their feelings of shame, guilt, and alienation from others as they interact and bond with other people who have lived through similar experiences. To improve coping with the effects of childhood sexual abuse, survivors can benefit from a variety of therapeutic approaches. Because of the complexity of survivors ' mental health
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