Survivors of Natural Causes and the Media

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Survivors of Natural Causes and the Media All around the world, natural disasters are occurring. Even if some might not take more than a minute, they can cause a lot of damage. From 2000 to 2010, there has been an average of 63000 deaths per year due to earthquakes and even more that are injured. They may have survived but suffer and shouldn't be disturbed by anyone, including the press, especially if they are still standing in the debris of their own house. I believe that the press shouldn`t be able to interview victims of natural disasters on scene: asking questions about the event can trigger intense emotions, the interviews happening on scene can distract the policemen from doing their jobs and the information given to the press about…show more content…
Making sure that the reporters are safe isn’t a responsibility that the policemen should have. Also, policemen have to make sure nothing is stolen from the scene. Anything from a family picture to a jewelry box, the survivors will want to salvage anything that has value to them. The average of objects of value being stolen from the scene will increase, because there are more people on the scene. It will make it harder for the policemen to look out for any thieves. Third of all, any piece of information given to the press by the victims could be wrong. The victims of the natural disaster are not in a healthy state of mind. They will feel confused and won’t pay attention to the questions asked. They might even answer the question with something completely off topic. Also, the victims would say anything to get away from the press. The victims will want to be left alone, to be by themselves so that they can think about their next step. For that to happen, they will be willing to give false information about the tragic event so that they can be left in solitude. To add, the environment around them will distract them. There are piles of objects everywhere and the survivors will want to pick around the piles, to check for anything valuable. They will concentrate on that instead of the questions asked. Therefore, as I have proven in the earlier paragraphs, I believe that the press should not be able to

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