Susan B. Anthony, A Leader Of The Women 's Rights Movement

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Introduction Today, if women are asked about how they gained their full rights including the right to vote, most would recognize Susan B. Anthony, a leader of the women’s rights movement that never gave up. Born and raised in an outspoken Quaker household, Anthony believed from a young age that all should be treated equally despite their gender. She took after her father, who had radical views on issues such as temperance and slavery. Susan B. Anthony, a leader for most of her life, fought endlessly in a battle against those of ignorance and unfair views pertaining to the rights of women. She was a very important asset during the Women’s Suffrage Movement while revolutionizing American History. Reaching out to organizations pertaining to the Temperance Movement, Women’s Labor, and Abolitionism to help her own cause, Susan supported the Women’s Rights Movement day-in and day-out no matter where she went. Her works as a leader and suffragist predicted and inspired the future for the rights of women; eventually her successors earned the Susan B. Anthony Amendment, or the 19th Amendment. Susan B. Anthony’s efforts greatly effected the Women’s Rights Movement.
The majority of Susan B. Anthony’s life consisted of leading the way in the Women’s Rights Movement along with her partner Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Susan continuously made petitions, went on speaking tours, and did everything she possibly could have to win over the thoughts of men and others afraid of change to get

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