Susan B Anthony : A Strong Sense Of Moral Sense

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Susan B Anthony Susan B Anthony was born on February 1820, to a Quaker family in Massachusetts. She was the second oldest of eight children, and her parents were owners of a cotton mill. Sadly, two of the Anthony siblings died in infancy and only six of them grew up to be adults. Moving on with their life, the Anthony family moved to New York around 1826, and Susan was sent to a Quaker School near Philadelphia. Susan B Anthony returned home in the 1830s to help her family after the breakdown of their business, and started working as a teacher. Some years later the Anthony family moved to a farm in Rochester, New York and they got involved in the fight to end slavery, better known as abolitionist movement. Susan B Anthony developed a strong sense of moral sense a young age and this is the feature that drove her to become the abolitionist, women’s right activist, and suffragist that she was. Leaving the Academy where she was working, she started to devote more time to social issues, and in 1851 she attended an anti-slavery conference where she met Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Susan was also interested in stopping the sale and production of alcohol, coming from a Quaker family this drink was not well seeing. In 1856 Susan became part of the anti-slavery society. She organized meetings, made speeches, put up posters, and distributed leaflets. She had the courage to fight with hostile mobs, armed threats and things thrown at her. During the year 1863 Susan B Anthony and
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