Susan B Anthony And Betwee

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During the period Anthony attended to the Antislavery in Syracuse N.Y. Where she meet abolitionist activists like Amelia Bloomer and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. She became a lawyer of anti-slavery and driving campaigns. In others sates slavery coming strong where Anthony had to traveling to helping with activities and speeches. But is was not successful their campaign as they faced hostile battles where hanging and burned a figure about her with not reason. Her image was even dragged and the street. Sometimes the make funny were her events on public sees as unpleasant situations, even the media reported remarks femininity. At that time a single woman are seen as strange to some kind of defect. Customs are at the time was that the woman should be married and keep your home. You could not see a woman undergoing in politics or be an activist like Susan B. Anthony. This article how portray Susan B. Anthony in the Chicago Daily Tribune…show more content…
Likewise Susan from his travels recruited woman's groups in order to put the right of justification. Getting as a result of his victory have a law which allows all women have the right to on-carry and control their own income even the enjoy legal guardian of there own
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