Susan B. Anthony And The Struggle For Women 's Rights

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Susan B. Anthony and The Struggle For Women’s Rights’

Susan B. Anthony was born to Read and Lucy Anthony in Adams, Massachusetts in the year of 1820. They were very big advocates of the abolitionist and temperance movement. The abolitionist movement was a movement that tried to abolish slavery in the United States and the temperance movement tired to reduce Americans’ usage of alcohol due to the violence associated with it. Read and Lucy Anthony held meeting in their home for members who supported these movements to congregate and form new strategies to help convey their vision. They also taught their children the same beliefs. Susan was on of 8 children that was raised in the Anthony household and was exposed to all of the meetings. This formed their ideas of supporting abolitionism and temperance. When the children got old enough to attend school, Read Anthony sent them to their local public school. With background knowledge of the family’s beliefs, the school denied the Anthony’s from attending (Kowalski 2000). Mr. Anthony decided to open a school in his home, to teach his children himself. Susan completed her schooling at age seventeen and pursued in a career as a teacher. It was only a matter of time before Anthony was terminated for voicing her opinion. She was very unhappy with the fact that her men colleagues were receiving one-fifth the wages she was receiving (The Huntington Library 2002). This is the beginning Susan B. Anthony and her struggle to develop more…
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