Susan B Anthony : Contribution To The Woman's Rights

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The 19th amendment is the biggest turning point in the United States for millions of woman who fought for voting rights. There is many women who contributed to the woman suffrage and Susan B Anthony is one of them and her contribution to the woman rights is huge. She worked internationally for women’s right and she is also playing the major role in creating the international council of women. Her works is unforgettable and she is widely recognized and she became the first actual woman whose picture appeared on the 1979 dollar coin. If Susan B Anthony were alive today she would proud of the 21th century because women are no longer treated as inferior and men treats them equally. The woman receives voting right after lot of struggles and the idea of voting rights always mocked by the press. Women did not have a say in anything in the 1800’s, men treat them as a slaves and they could not do anything freely because they have to follow directions from their husband also they cannot question their husband only men have rights to ask question. Anthony did so many things to recieve voting rights and she was tireless in her efforts, giving speeches around the country to convince others to support a woman’s right to vote. The men are always take advantage over women and they are intentionally try to marginalize women, when Thomas Jefferson wrote Declaration of Independence they exclude entire gender of woman, later on women create Declaration of sentiment and they include both men
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