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The Right of All Citizens: What Makes an Effective Argument for Women's Rights? On November 5, 1872, Susan B. Anthony, a well-known leader in the women’s rights movement, along with several other women, entered the West End News Depot and cast their ballot. The women had all registered in the previous days; Anthony had registered to vote November 1, 1872 at a local barbershop, along with her three sisters. Even though the inspectors refused her initial demand to register, Anthony used her power of persuasive speaking and her relationship with well-respected persons of authority, such as Judge Henry R. Selden, to obtain her registration, informing the inspectors that if they did not register the women, they would press charges…show more content…
Anthony’s fourth paragraph, in which she discussed the idea that if women are not citizens, then they are subject to living in a oligarchy, also raises an emotion reaction with the audience. After all, women do not want to feel that they are the lesser subject and do not this unjust ideal to lead to, “…dissension, discord, and rebellion…” in their homes (Anthony 513). The use of logos, the appeal to logic, is also employed in Susan B. Anthony’s essay (Phillips 250). As mentioned previously, Anthony used other sources, such as the Federal Constitution and the dictionaries of Webster, Worcester, and Bouvier within her speech (513). Quoting these sources added a necessary foundation of information to sustain her argument as knowledgeable. These sources provide her speech with the necessary facts to appeal to the logical, not just the ethical and the emotional. Some would argue that Susan B. Anthony’s speech on the rights of women voters was not an entirely effective argument. The quickest opposing viewpoint would be to attack Anthony as a credible source; after all, she just had been arrested and was awaiting her trial – a trial that would end in a guilty verdict (Linder, “Trial”). It is hard to believe that someone that broke the law could be a reliable source. An additional argument against Anthony’s credibility

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