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Susan Bordo an author who writes about how the American culture has always shown and used women's bodies throughout our history and to most is considered completely normal. In the print “Beauty Rediscovers the Male Body” Bordo states “naked female body became an object of mainstream consumption”(Bordo 168). She explains that the female body was completely normal for people to look at while on the other hand showing a naked male body was considered a taboo that most people were afraid to break. Over the history of time mainstream perceptions of masculinity have changed dramatically! Everything from ads, movies, fashion, character, and what is socially acceptable in todays world has changed since Bordo’s writings. When men started to show…show more content…
The taboos of mainstream advertising since Susan Bordos writing have completely vanished. Men use to only appear in ads that would show them in action doing things like mowing the lawn, painting a house, or playing sports. While women were to appear in advertisements showing off there beauty and skin for the world to see. Bordo explains that men would act while women would appear in ads. “Women in ads and movies thus require no plot excuse to show off their various body parts in ads, proudly, shyly, or seductively; it's the "business" of all of us to be beautiful-whether we are actresses, politicians, homemakers, teachers, or rock stars” (Bordo 191). Taboos were put on men showing there bodies sexually or getting naked while the woman body was presumably perceived as a work of art. Today in the world of advertising taboos that use to exist seem completely normal. Both men and women are able to express themselves and show the world almost anything they want. Almost every advertisement you see now a day is either a man in his underwear or a girl half naked trying to sell you something. The taboo of seeing naked men in advertisements is no longer a problem in the society we live in today. One main cause for such taboos to disappear in todays time is due to the media showing the world the things they see today. The naked human body is becoming somewhat of more normal and acceptable thing to see. Another huge reason why such taboos have disappeared

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