Susan Cain 's Not Leadership Material? Good

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In Susan Cain’s “Not Leadership Material? Good. The World Needs Followers” essay, the negative effects of the glorification of leadership in college applications and American society are that leadership has become a status, and mixed talents people are disregarded when society only focuses on an “alpha” personality. When the students’ participation in a club is for the sake of leadership, a title which makes them look better for the glory of leadership, then the service becomes disingenuous. In addition, the negative effects includes an unwillingness to change one’s personality due to colleges overvaluing leadership. Society is missing a balance of leaders and followers because everyone focuses only on leadership. As a result, the number…show more content…
Any decisions we make can lead to a positive or negative outcome. In this case, the “need” for leadership experience had led me to unexpected surprises. I got involved in two clubs, Chinese Culture Club (CCC) and Adopt-an-Alleyway (AAA). In addition, I also joined the school badminton team. I knew being a member simply couldn’t satisfy college standard of leadership, so eventually, I took leadership position in both clubs. It was an amazing experience in the sense of gaining new knowledge and social bonding. I learned how to facilitate meetings, socialize with strangers, develop communication skills, and last but not least, create a group of close friends. Although I don’t support and disagree the institutional standards of leadership, but it forced me to experience moments I wouldn’t have done it myself. As much as I dislike colleges seeking students with superficial leadership experiences, I didn’t change my personality or to ignore my personal traits to gain these experiences unlike the young woman in the text. Hundreds of thousands clubs exits out there waiting for people to join them, so there is no reason to believe the young woman wasn’t able find one program that suits her personality without having to overhaul her own personal traits. Coincidently, the pressure to lead aligned with my unique personality. People that I met are super friendly and they inspired me to enjoy the service. Indeed, I take pleasures in the service. It

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