Susan Eloise Hinton Essay

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Jayda Janway
Mrs. Luman
English II
October of 2017
S. E. Hinton: One of the most successful authors from Oklahoma.

This is where Susan Eloise Hinton’s story begins. She was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on July 22, 1948 to Lilian and Grady P. Hinton. The author grew up in Tulsa as well, beginning to kick off her writing career during the year of 1967 when her first book came out, titled “The Outsiders”. She was inspired at a young age, 17 to be exact, and began being called ‘The Voice of The Youth’. Her first story was influenced by witnessing a ‘Greaser’ friend being beaten by a ‘Soc’, and decided to write and make aware of what went on at school, even in a small town. Every one of her works got popular and quickly known. Susan’s books
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She wrote The Outsiders so she would have something to read, or so she said. If only she had known that the rest of America also had something to read now, thanks to her.

The year is now 1970, and Susan is only 18 years old. The Outsiders was outrageously popular, and the major success enabled Hinton to attend the University of Tulsa, where she would meet her future husband, David Inhofe, and earn a degree in education. She wasn’t going to stop with just one work, the strong will to write always clung to her like a crying child to it’s mother. At one point in her life, she suffered from a condition called writer’s block, that generally has to do with losing the ability to write, or be slow with creativity prohibiting the author to create new works. However, David Inhofe would make Susan write at least two pages a day to get over her writer’s block, or the two would not leave the house that day. After the fact, her next book would be named “This Was Then, This is now”, which would be published in 1971 and also soon get recognized as a classic novel by Susan. The book is about two foster brothers that get torn apart as one gets more engulfed by school and girlfriends, as the other moves deeper into a life of crime and substance abuse. In each book, Hinton shows the real maturity of adolescent males in Tulsa who grow by making crucial judgements, and the true harshness within the students in the lower classes. Another writing Susan created was “Rumble Fish”, in

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