Susan George : A Renaissance Man With An Infectious Smile, By Keith Ambrose

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Clutching his cup of coffee, casually taking sips every now and then at a Starbucks, one of his favorite places to hang out and talk to friends, or to just observe the outside world, sits an elderly man, with an infectious smile, Keith Ambrose. A Renaissance man – a man who can do anything; he’s been all over the world, has friends of all demographics, even knows famous tennis player John Lloyd and actress Susan George, has held priceless pieces of art while working at Windsor Castle at only sixteen, and he still runs marathons at the ripe age of 72. He has only been married once, and his friend claims that he probably wrote The Notebook due to his amount of romanticism. Keith still calls his ex-wife who resides in London every few days,…show more content…
He knows what it feels like to be lonely and overwhelmed so he will always try to go out of his way to make a new friend, encourage someone who might be overwhelmed, and be a thoughtful listener to anyone who just needs to talk, just to show someone cares; he cares. Keith, born on April 28, 1943 in a village in southeast England, barely even knew his parents well. His father had sent him and his brother to enact revenge on his mother for leaving him. The only time that young Keith Ambrose would be with his mother and father was on brief breaks between six month stints at boarding school. Yet the boarding school was not all terrible, for this is where Keith started his rugby, futbol, and cross country days, the latter of which he still does today, even at the age of 72. Yet, Keith did not care for boarding school and fled at the age of sixteen to the streets of London. Eventually, he found work as an electrical technician inside of Windsor Castle, the income from which allowed him to have his own apartment before the age of nineteen. From there, he married a girl named Valerie and they had a child together before they divorced not long after. Later, Keith started working with the Scottish Opera on their soundboard and lights which is where he met the woman he wishes he married: opera singer Janice Cairns. Though their relationship ended, the break up gave Keith the ability to travel. He first went to France and later Sweden; there he met
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