Susan Glaspell 's A Jury Of Her Peers Essay

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Susan Glaspell was a prolific author, playwright, journalist and novelist in the early 1900s. Early in her career as a reporter she wrote many articles including the newspaper coverage of a murder trial known as the Hossack Case when she worked for The Des Moines Daily News in Des Moines, Iowa. This murder trial was a much publicized event in which a woman, Margaret Hossack, was accused of murdering her prosperous husband on the couple’s farm in Des Moines. In these newspaper articles dated from December 1900 through April of 1901, Glaspell gave an account of the murder trial where Margaret was eventually convicted of murdering her husband, John Hossack. Shortly after covering the trial, Glaspell quit journalism and started writing novels, short stories and plays. Two of which were based on her coverage of the Hossack Case. One was a one-act play titled “Trifles” and the other was a short story entitled “A Jury of Her Peers”. During the coverage of the Hossack Case in the newspaper articles, Glaspell writes of the murder trial as it unfolded. The characters she writes about are actual people in a real life situation. As a journalist, Glaspell informed the readers of the newspaper explaining gruesome details of the trail with information provided by the state, witnesses, and the testimony from Mrs. Hossack herself. Within the murder trial articles she reported, Glaspell unintentionally infused herself into the trail by giving her readers a more female point of view. “All
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