Susan Glaspell 's An Interesting Story Of A Woman Named Mrs. Hale

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Susan Glaspell writes an interesting story of a woman named Mrs. Wright whose husband slowly has taken away everything she loved in life. In return, she ends up taking his life while he’s asleep, by slowly killing with a rope. The story begins in her house with Mr. and Mrs. Peters, the sheriff and his wife, along with Mr. and Mrs. Hale, who are her neighbors, and Mr. Henderson, the county attorney. The male and female gender dynamic of the story plays a significant aspect in the roles of the characters and their behavior. The men expect the women to live a domesticated lifestyle and fulfill the roles of a good wife and housekeeper. The women do embrace the roles; however, they understand the struggles that come with being a wife. Since, they understand the struggles this explains why they react they way they do with the men in the play. Trifles opens your eyes to an interesting view of what being a housewife could do to a woman over time. While the female characters find the items Mrs. Wright as asked for, Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters begin to notice details that lead them to the explanation of Mrs. Wright’s death. Females are more aware of smaller details than men. Men often look for bigger signs that are more obvious to see. This proves true multiple times in the story, but one stands out the more than any other. There is an empty bird cage in the house Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters notice it and Mrs. Peters examines the cage. She states, “Why, look at this door. It’s broke.…
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