Susan Glaspell 's The Play Trifles

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The play Trifles by Susan Glaspell is a very powerful play that conveys a strong meaning to the audience. The meaning that Susan Glaspell conveys through this play is the importance of women to stick together and rise up against the suppression of their gender. This message can be felt strongly while reading this play. Susan Glaspell does an outstanding job incorporating this message into an interesting, captivating plot. This play was written around the time where woman’s social equality was becoming more of an important civil issue. Women were starting to take action against social inequality. This play displays the life of which many woman of that era had lived. This social inequality had pretty much confined woman to the household, taking care of their husband, and obeying every command. Mrs. Wright is clearly conveying the feelings of suppressed woman of this time period. The main idea that Susan Glaspell is trying to convey in this play is that woman need to stick together in order to rise up against social inequality. This can be seen in the way that Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale protect and stick up for Mrs. Wright. Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale sympathize with Mrs. Wright; they know how she was treated in the house and the type of life that she lived. Susan Glaspell does a very good job conveying the condition in which Mrs. Wright lived. The way that the Wright’s home is described makes it seem gloomy, boring, and just an awful place to live. These conditions cause Mrs.
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