Susan Glaspell 's ' Trifles '

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Trifles is a play written in 1916 by author Susan Glaspell. It is considered to be one of the earliest pieces of American feminist literature. Feminism is a political movement which seeks to establish equal social and political opportunities for women. In Trifles, the women are looked upon as unimportant and inferior to the men in being able to help solve the case. The story opens with the sheriff, county attorney and their wives coming to pick up some clothes for Minnie who has been arrested for murdering her husband. The women remain in the kitchen while the men go look for clues in other “more important “areas. The men view the kitchen as unimportant and practically skip over it due to the fact that it is unkempt. This made them view the wife, Minnie, as a bad wife. Minnie spent most of her time in the kitchen and the Sheriff states, nothing here but kitchen things (763).” Although to some, this may be seen as unimportant, but a feminist would recognize this as an insult due to the fact as they are addressing a women have a place. This is practically setting boundaries for the women. It serves as a cage to the women by setting certain standards in society. The tone of these lines consist of a disinterested tone concluding women are just as unimportant as the kitchen is to the case. Men believed that women had really no control. They believed that women worry about small thing which they refer to as “Trifles”. Trifles are the worrying over something little or

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