Susan Glaspell 's ' Trifles ' Essay

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An Analysis of Susan Glaspell Trifles The play, Trifles by Susan Glaspell shows her preoccupation with gender and sex roles as notions of culture. The author is spells out the treatment of women as mere trifles in the society, as less important when compared to men. This calls for the questioning of the role of both men and women in the society with regard to the value and devalue given to perspective and knowledge. The reader should thus realize that women have an important role to play in the society and should be treated with equality to men. The play takes place in the house of Mr. and Mrs. Wright, which is seen to have dirty dishes and a loaf of bread on the counter creating the impression that the owner of the house left hurriedly. Moreover, the setting is made in terms of time, domain and region to show the ideals, values and attitudes of the characters to give the play a deeper meaning. The ideals, values and attitudes of people change with times and depending on circumstances. During the time the play was written, women had no equal rights with men, for instance the right to vote or sit in juries. Men dominated all aspects of life in the society at this time, with women’s work being housekeeping. However, as the playwright intelligently spells out, women have the ability to solve the murders, which is ironically done by men in women’s domain – the kitchen. The men however, do not ask for the women’s ideas with regard to the investigation and dismisses the women

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