Susan Glaspell 's `` Trifles ``

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As this story begins, Mr. Wright has been murdered and his wife the star witness. The evidence is slowly breaking down their so called case. Women of this time period were not treated like men, a woman was only good when she was slaving for her husband and his needs. As Emily Dickinson once wrote “Hope is the thing with feathers/ that perches in the soul/ and sings the tune-without the words, / and never stops at all.” Mrs. Wright used to sing but Mr. Wright did not like that and forced her to a quiet. Mr. Wright was a bitter old man playing a gentleman; never taking a liking to kids he stole her hope for children, leaving her baron in her womb and her heart. He was a control maniac and demanded power in every aspect of this poor woman’s life; No Children, No Song, No Friends; she had nothing, which meant nothing to lose. In Susan Glaspell’s drama, “Trifles”, we explore the gender inequality between men and women of that time and why that has such a large influence on the murder investigation. The women in this novel and of this time period seemed to have hope pre-marriage, Mrs. Wright had hope pre-marriage, it was a sense of freedom and gave them rights that they needed and deserved. The Sherriff taunts Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale “They wonder if she was going to quilt it or just knot it” (Glaspell’s, 1160) this is very degrading, and the women were simply trying to make small talk as they gathered Mrs. Wrights things for jail. The comment the sheriff made was not

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