Susan Is A Woman Fresh Out Of College

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Susan is a woman fresh out of college with the readiness to fulfill her duties as a receptionist. She has been working with company ITM for three months now and loves her job. During a typical day on the job, she greets guests that walk into ITM, answers the phones, books the meetings, and works with suppliers to order supplies for the office. Susan approaches her work with enthusiasm and much organization skill. She was always an outgoing person and went through all the schooling necessary. It’s a great job that she returns to each day with pride and smiles. Though, her path of getting there wasn’t very easy. She struggled. Her English classes were quite the challenge for her, she didn’t interpret the reading assignments the same way…show more content…
This is the problem with our education, it is not adequate to what we will need in the real world. Sure, knowing the alphabet, how to add, subtract, divide and multiply and knowing basic information such as problem solving and logical reasoning is essential to living in this world, but is our education system taking it to the extreme? All those tests taken every year; how helpful are those?
It’s pretty obvious that every student that walks in and out of public school doors has a different agenda. Little Timmy is looking forward to being an entrepreneur of his new, sunglasses that can glow in the dark after certain times in the sun, Stacey in math is going to be a published author, writing books in her spare time and Louise from second period plans to go to school to be a nurse.
Each career field, regardless of which, requires certain courses, certain knowledge and particular experience. What is Stacey in math going to do with those long equations when she’s going for writing books about vampires and other books about romance on a boat? Little Timmy does not need repetitive reading classes to analyze ‘dumb’ and ‘boring’ books to become the entrepreneur he desires being, he needs Entrepreneur and business classes!
Not only is the system lacking in ‘real-life’ courses such as personal finance, CPR and how to change a tire or fix a leak in the kitchen faucet, it is not giving students
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