Susan Lewellyn 's Life With Her Mother Essay

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Susan Lewellyn was born on February 24, 1981 in Jonesboro, AR. At the early age of three her mother decided to leave her father and her family behind. Her parents became divorced a year later. Susan’s father received full custody of her when she was nine years old. Susan’s two grandmothers helped her father raise her while her mother was not present. She states her grandmothers were the moms she never had. Throughout Susan’s childhood, her mother had very little to do with her until the age of 13. Her mother would only be with Susan when it was convenient for her, and that turned out not very often. Her mother lived in Fort Smith, AR which was also an issue, because Susan lived in Jonesboro with her father. Susan would spend spring break vacations and occasionally holidays with her mother in Fort Smith. Her mom eventually moved back to Jonesboro in late 1999 and a year later, Susan moved in with her. Susan moved in and out of her mother’s home several times in an attempt to make up for the years of absence. This relationship was never resolved as her mother did not dedicate the time for Susan like she should have. Susan has resentment issues towards her mother due to her walking out on her family. I believe that her parent’s divorce was the life event that had the most impact on Susan’s life as a young girl. “In understanding the child 's adjustment to divorce it is important to look not only at changes in family structure but also at changes in family…
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