Susan Munro, Service Customer Analysis

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Holy Angel University
Department of Business Management
A.Y. 2010-2011

Susan Munroe, Service Customer

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Mrs. Cristina Naguit
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Parker, Harley Mae P.
Quioc, Christian Paolo
Santana, Karen F.

June 29, 2010
The fast pace of advances in industrialized locations has increased the need for service, a process that creates benefits by facilitating either a
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So to help these service providers to improve their ventures, she should tap the service providers to make them realize that there is a need for them to change in some aspects of their business to stay profitable in the service industry. This could be one of her small contributions as a business student knowledgeable enough to understand the variability of services, and erudite of ways/strategies for development. Plus she wouldn’t have to find new providers to be satisfied the next time.

B. She could find other service providers that could better satisfy her needs

Just like what any other unsatisfied customer, she should not settle for anything less than good. She, as a paying customer, must gain customer she deserves to get. It wouldn’t be a loss in her part anyway if she would stop patronizing service companies that does not keep her satisfied. A lot of other companies offer the same services with better quality. So the next time she picks her providers, she must be sure through testimonies of loyal customers of these companies could give her the what she wants or expects.

Alternative a is strongly recommended. She must at least attempt to help these ventures first before shifting to other service providers. She is expected to understand a lot about such businesses, so suggesting some ways she thinks the companies might use to improve isn’t too much to ask for her

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