Susan Orle The Wild And The Legend And Jack London 's Book ' The Call Of

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Dogs are well known in America, especially today, because they are seen as another family member in the household. They are able to provide comfort for us when it is needed or protect us when there is danger. Rin Tin Tin and Buck are both heroic dogs in this kind of manner. While both come from completely different backgrounds and different parts of the world, they are able to share similar emblematic concepts in both of their stories which were seen in Susan Orlean’s book Rin Tin Tin: The Life and the Legend and Jack London’s book The Call of the Wild. Their representation in both books shows a transition from the wealth to the poor, and from the poor to one of the most wealthy symbolic dogs in America around World War I. Buck and Rin Tin Tin at some point face the same obstacles in their stories, meaning that they come in contact with the wild or their wild side as they reach the climax of their lives. Even though it is not for sure that Buck existed, one thing that can be gathered from both books is the real life connection Rin Tin Tin had in America after the devastation of the First World War. After the First World War, Rin Tin Tin sparked an interest in America after being brought to fame by his owner Lee Duncan. German shepherds quickly grew to be a popular owned dog, and eventually created an icon that was never going to die (or so people had hoped). Both of these stories, The Call of the Wild and Rin Tin Tin, share similar characteristics between Buck and Rin Tin…
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