Susan Reid Mission Statement Analysis

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"Our mission is to position you as the leader you .Our uniquely crafted branding

Statements elevate your message so that you stand head and shoulders

Above all others in your field”

Tracy Ann specializes in mission statements for non-traditional ,outside the box companies looking for stylish statements with creative flair as well as small business seeking the personal touch of an attentive and responsible writing partner .

She says "there are no shortcuts when it comes to presenting yourself,your company and your services to the public .Every job is personal ,and every piece of writing is crafted with your unique vision in mind.

In Susan Reid approach to mission statements
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Judy Tatum diversity of experience allows her to engage with each client in a creative and professional manner .She is a long time writer and researcher who also teaches grant writing workshops,judys client list includes many non profits as well as small business and educational organizational .She has worked in both the private and non profit sectors and has written many successful grants at both the national and state levels .she has formal grant menship and non profit training.her passion is working with non profit and believes "only a life lived in the service to others is worth living” Albert Einstein.

Dave loves translating into words the feelings when a business owner or entrepreneur satisfies a customer .He believes in packing lots of information in as few words as possible .He works very hard to understand your needs ,identify the message and get the tone exactly
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