Susan Sontag 's Theories About Photography Essay

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Throughout the Great Depression, and through the creation of the New Deal, the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) was created to give men jobs and improve the economy. This paper will be analyzing three photographs with reference to Susan Sontag’s theories about photography. According to her theories, photographs were taken to document and represent the occurrences of the past, represent the objective views, memorialize the achievements, show the events that occurred, view the mortality of the individuals photographed, and show that photographs become art over time. These photographs picture members of the Civilian Conservation Corps, the first being a picture of a posed portrait of a crew, a second of them at work, and the third of them eating lunch at the worksite. The first photograph is a black and white portrait taken in California. It is of a CCC crew standing around and sitting on a truck. They may be near the worksite because far in the background is a mountain. This is a formal picture taken with everyone in their work clothes. The angle is straight on to get an accurate depiction of the workers. The workers seem happy, as some are smiling, and others seem proud to be there. Their postures and positions seem to suggest they are comfortable with each other and their surroundings. Most are young men, but some are older. This is probably one of the only jobs they could get, as this was during the Great Depression when Franklin Delano Roosevelt created the New Deal to
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