Susan Wolf And Meaningful Life

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Name-Chiagozie Harry Okeke Instructor-Prof Meredith Gunning Date-11-13-15 SUSAN WOLF AND MEANINGFUL LIFE (Question 4) Susan wolf interprets a meaningful life as one that has within the basis of an affirmative answer to the basis for an affirmative answer to the needs or belonging that are characteristically described as needs of meaning. She described meaningful lives as lives of active engagement in project worth. Which she divided into groups, first is ‘’active engagement’’ and project worth. In the aspect of active engagement, she said; a person is actively engaged by something if she is gripped, excited, and involved by it. Susan, said we are actively engaged by things and people about which we are passionate, such as in her own case she’s love eating chocolate, playing video games and going for aerobics class.Therefore, the opposites of active engagement are boredom and alienation. She also said to her readers, that to be actively engaged in something is not always pleasant in ordinary sense of the word. Rather activities in which people are actively engaged frequently involves stress, danger, exertion, sorrow, for example writing a book, climbing a mountain, training for a marathon and so on. Susan, further said, that doing these things, there is something good about the feeling of engagement; especially, it makes one feel typically without thinking about it such as been alive. Secondly, Susan talked
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