Susanna Dickinson Research Paper

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Around the 1800’s susanna wilkerson got married to to almeron dickinson at age 15 . almeron and susanna possibly arrived in texas around 1831,but there is absolutely evidenced that mrs. and mr.dickinson made a residence in gonzales about the time of february 20 1831.
However around 1827 gonzales started to flourish. this meant he was starting to realize people were arriving in the town . also new settlers started moving toward his house, so almeron realize what was happening simply because, usually all of their neighbors were at least about 10 miles away from their residential location. the new settlers were wise about their choice to build their houses.they choose to make their home made out of brick so that their house will have a firm foundation and they also used other materials to but the purpose of the sturdy houses was to keep intruders out like
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She tried playing games, and have grown up conversations with them, and even kinda be there consular.When, some women were going crazy and losing their minds susanna would bring them back to life! Not just the women but also susanna also helped the children. for instance, She played games with the children, taught them really fun interesting information and encouraging words to help them throughout the day and night, so she was kinda like a therapist. during the war of the alamo susanna and her daughter angelina were only about half of he people to survive this tragical war. sadly susanna died on october 8 on a sunday, a memorial in the paper recited her place in texas history her family expressed her hope that she would be buried in the state cemetery. However,she was buried in the oakwood cemetery and later her husband was laid to rest right next to her side, but we will remeber susanna the brave ,powerful, strong ,indepent, women in who surive the dangerous
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