Susceptibility to Corruption

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"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men” ( Martin ). That quote is made famous by Lord Acton, who was a Catholic historian, politician, and writer. Lord Acton was one of the first people to understand the importance of corruption. The men Lord Acton talks about is not just a male, but in fact all of mankind. All human beings are susceptible to corruption, and can fall down that dark past. Those individuals that are corrupted by power however do not start of as evil. (Moreell) Like all corrupt people they begin as honest humans who want to strengthen their country or want to help others. The honest leader begins to receive offers or bribes for things that the wealthy want to manipulate. After a while, the line between right and wrong seem to blur, and it gets harder to distinguish that fine line. That person refuses the bribes at first, but they keep calling his/her name, begging for him/her to take them. Time seems to pass slowly and those bribes begin to take hold over the leaders mind so that it becomes justified and acceptable behavior. That overseer starts to impose restrictive laws on the middle class people and small business. As a result of this restriction, it helps the upper class, and also big business. In turn those once small choices start to make that being corrupt. Eventually that human being loses their morals and creates a corrupt society. If does not matter if those people are man,…

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