Sushi : Introduction Of Sushi

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Justin Sayegh
Dr. Lisa Wallace
English 101
17 October 2016
Sushi Ko Review Sushi was first introduced to the United States in 1966. Business partners Noritoshi Kanai and Harry Wolff opened the first Sushi restaurant, “Kawafuku”, in the Little Tokyo neighborhood of Los Angeles. The success of Kawafuku led to the creation of many other sushi restaurants as the popularity of the Japanese cuisine spread rapidly across the US. One of the many restaurants that was influenced by Kawafuku, Sushi Ko, was established in 2013 in Porter Ranch, California. After searching for Sushi restaurants near me on Yelp, I decided to give the highly-rated Sushi Ko a try. I visited Sushi Ko on Saturday, October 1 and purchased the all-you-can eat Dinner service for $27.95. Based on my previous experiences with Sushi, I thought the price was fair based on the amount of food I expected to consume. As I walked into the restaurant, I noticed most of the seats were occupied and thus expected to have a good dining experience. My prediction was valid as I walked out of Sushi Ko extremely pleased with the restaurant’s attentive service, their delicious food, and the traditional Japanese atmosphere. I immediately felt as if I was transported to a quaint Japanese village as I walked into Sushi Ko. Entering the door, I felt a gust of crisp, cold air surround my body as I took in the savory aroma of the baked fish. As my host directed me to my table, I noticed the remarkably small size of the
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