Suspects Need Their Miranda Rights Essay

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In criminal trials, a defendant’s confession often delivers evidence that is influential when it is the primary source of the prosecutor’s evidence. When a suspect is brought into police custody to obtain a confession or a statement, police officers are required to read the Miranda warning if they believe the confession will be used to convict the suspect. The constitutional basis for the Miranda warning and the conditions for a voluntary waiver of the Miranda rights were announced by the U.S. Supreme Court in Miranda v. Arizona. Miranda v. Arizona, announced June, 13 1966, resolved four separate criminal appeals concerning the role of the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution in police interrogations of criminal suspects. An Arizona jury …show more content…
In the five to four ruling, the four who opposed thought the Miranda would be costly, freeing guilty people. They predicted an alarming effect on confessions and an increase in inadmissibly in confessions. They debated that the Warren Court had gone too far expanding the rights of criminal defendants. Debates added, with some arguing that confession and conviction rates have dropped because of the warning and waiver requirements. However, proponents of Miranda argue the warning encourages civility in law enforcements; it increases public awareness of constitutional rights, the impact of valid confessions is insignificant, and as many as four out of five suspects waive their rights and go forward through interrogation despite Miranda. The obligation to read the warning is only relevant is when the police expect to use the confession as evidence. If a suspect confesses prior to being taken into custody, the validity of the confession depends on whether the confession was truly spontaneous. According to the Colorado v. Connelly ruling, neither a Miranda nor a voluntariness analysis required a suppression of a confession because there was no police conduct. If a suspect offers a spontaneous confession, volunteers to be in police custody, or if the police believe that the prosecutor to use the confession as evidence, then Miranda doesn’t go into effect. Police use a variety of

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