Suspended Reality In The Film Cyberbully

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Suspended reality plays a colossal part in whether a film is influential enough to be a great movie. Suspended reality is when a person forgets all about the actual life the person is living and they are completely enthralled in a movie or a book that they are experiencing, and they feel the emotions within the movie or the book as their own emotion. Some of the best films have suspended reality that is so strong that you cry along with it or smile with it. If the film is thought worthy that film makes it to the American Film Industry's 100 Years...100 Films. The film Cyberbully is worthy of being on that list, Cyberbully is a film that demands the attention of it's viewers, screams at the audience with pure emotions, and has forced each and every single one of it's viewers to question themselves and how they live their life. The film Cyberbully demands the attention of its viewers by the use of its remarkable storyline. The film shows the life of a teenage girl, Taylor Hillridge, and how she unknowingly gets herself into a catfish situation, and then she becomes the butt of a joke that snowballs into an avalanche that she cannot get herself out of. The storyline pertains to the whole audience of the film, whether they compare themselves to Taylor, one of her friends who leave her when she needs them, or one of the innumerable bullies. The writers made Taylor's best friend the person who catfished and ultimately the one who starts the whole bulling…show more content…
Cyberbully deserves to be the movie for 2011 on the list of 100 Years...100 Films. Cyberbully is the perfect example of suspended reality, its emotions are so powerful that it often makes the viewers cry when they watch it. If anyone is ever looking for a film that is as strong as the message portrayed in it, then they should turn to the shockingly beautiful movie

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