Suspense in Steven Spielberg's Movie Jaws Essay

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Suspense in Steven Spielberg's Movie Jaws

Steven Spielberg, the creator of Jaws, uses many different techniques to draw in the suspense of viewers and to capture their imagination. These techniques include special effects – to create tension, different camera angles – to show facial expressions and group shots. The classic Jaws music, known by millions of people, also helps build up tension, to let us know when the shark is approaching. He uses colours, so that we can associate signs and symbols to forthcoming events, e.g. the colour red is associated with danger. We will be using all of the above devices to help analyse different parts of the film.

As soon as the film starts, from the title sequence, these techniques are
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The waves give off a really eerie effect, the whole scene just seems to bee too calm.

The next scene is off the girl swimming, but there is no music playing at all, and makes the atmosphere feel eerie. You wonder what is going to happen next. Also the girl is totally naked at this time, which makes her seem very vulnerable, as there is nothing between her and the shark, except water. She is also away from the party, which makes her seem unsafe.

The camera then starts to switch from the girls point of view, to the sharks point of view. The girl is totally defenceless to the shark’s capabilities, but using this effect allows you to relate to both characters.

Next, you see a shot of the girl kicking her legs, and the camera slowly zooms in. This shows the view from the shark’s point of view, and shows the audience that the danger is getting closer, which is certainly building the tension up.

The fact that we do not see the shark makes the audience feel quite uneasy, as in a way we are uncertain of what the danger is. It also builds up a lot of fear, from our point of view.

There are a lot pauses in the attack, which allows you to see the unconscious boy, slumped on the beach. To me this shows us that the girl’s only chance of survival is totally oblivious to the current events, and is unaware of her screams. Also when the camera switches onto the boy, it gives a chance to
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