Sustainability @ Macville Essay

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BSBSUS501A Develop workplace policy and procedure for sustainability
Assessment Task 2
Policy review project
Submission details
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Performance objective
For this assessment learners are required to review existing policy documents and compare them to regulatory documents and current organisational usage. A report is required that outlines revised policy documents
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Upon research no legislative requirements are specified in regard to waste disposal and power usage, although within the Brisbane district legislation dictates water use requirements are to be met during a declared time of drought and with the sustainability procedures in place the MacVille may be at risk while water restrictions have been placed by State or Federal Governing bodies.The following report identifies sustainable opportunities available to reinvent MacVille’s contribution to a better sustained environment as MacVille's policy and procedure documents are not reflecting current business sector requirements recommendations have been made with the goal of achieving a credible and sustainable workplace.

The reviewing process of the current policies and procedure and case study documents has revealed that MacVille does not have any sustainable policies in place.

Interim Report
-Review the current policies and procedures
-Review case study

1. Identify and describe required sustainability initiatives for MacVille.
There are no sustainable policies currently within Macville.

2. Research and describe best practice models relevant to the business sector, especially as it relates to this case study.

3. Identify and describe shortfalls in the existing policy and procedure documents, by comparing research and information supplied.

4. Make recommendations for the existing policy options
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