Sustainability : A Long And Mixed History Essay

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Due to the environmental pollution caused by transportation, there are endless increasing problems of waste disposal and many other problems that the world faces. It has been suggested that businesses require re-thinking and thus each business should apply the concept of sustainability which is a common term used in business ethics. Sustainability has a long and mixed history due to its importance (Crane and Matten, 2007).

Sustainable development recognizes the importance of economic wealth, environmental integrity, and social balance (Gladwin et al. 1995, cited in Gao and Bansal,2013). Environmental integrity recognizes the value and the limits of natural resources and social balance is distributed impartially across individuals and social orders to meet fundamental human needs (Bansal, 2005 cited in Gao and Bansal, 2013). Barbier (1987) has stated the purpose of sustainability is to maximize simultaneously the goals that should be met, such as trying to meet all the basic necessities for all individuals and to increase the utility of goods and service for all people in the economy (as cited in Gao and Bansal, 2013). Also, Salzmann integrated business sustainability into their business policies for a better outcome (Salzmann et al, 2005, cited in Sjors, Walter, Jacqueline). Another thing is the corporate social responsibility, that has been characterized in a wide range of ways, as its most fundamental level, CSR is about business assuming responsibility for the
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