Sustainability And Attention Whole Foods Shoppers By Robert Paarlberg

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The environment is among some of the top issues to be looked upon by the human population in the world today. Sustainability is a word often times used when speaking of this subject. This is a concept represented in the articles “Sustainability” by Christian R. Weisser and “Attention Whole Foods Shoppers” by Robert Paarlberg. Each author addresses the issue in different ways; one giving examples of this issue and the other clearly defining it. Each author is writing to spread awareness of this issue. As overlapping topics, each article has similarities and differences to the other.
Population is a major reason as to why sustainability is important. This is an argument brought up in both articles. As our population grows, we must continue to have resources and food, which is stated nicely by Weisser in “Sustainability”:

“Many current discussions about sustainability focus on the ways in which human activity...can be maintained in the future without exhausting all of our current resources… there has been a close correlation between the growth of human society and environmental degradation - as communities grow, the environment often declines” (603).

Weisser explicitly shows that people are trying to figure out ways to help to sustain the environment while the human population grows. Humans do harm to the environment and sustainability is one way to help lessen that harm. Population growth not only harms the environment, however. In “Attention Whole Foods Shoppers” it is…

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