Sustainability And Its Impact On Sustainability Essay

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Sustainability is a growing concern for many individuals and companies as resources are becoming increasingly limited, hazardous, and expensive. Over the last few years, more people have been informed about sustainable options, which have been easier to obtain and contribute to, as well as wanting to purchase more sustainable options from companies. Since the idea of sustainability is so broad, everyone can contribute in a way they feel is most beneficial. Whether individuals and companies are giving back for personal or self-regarding reasons, it is still helping give back to the environment and provide a more sustainable future. Since sustainability is such a broad term that it can be hard to define or categorize. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a generalized definition for sustainability is “the ability to continue at a particular level for a period of time.” While that is a broad overcast of a definition, there are really three pillars of sustainability that can be explored and contributed towards: Economic Development, Social Development, and Environmental Protection. The only pillar that seems to focus on giving back is Environmental Protection. This pillar encompasses recycling, composting, reducing usage of energy resources, or just by taking a walk to save on gas for individuals. Companies must do much more to provide an impact to the protection of the environment. Individuals, on average, tend to have more sustainable options for personal reasons, instead of
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